Thank you for considering our fundraiser and taking the time to read this. One question you may be asking yourself is “How this is different for donating with the Red Cross?”, or another large organization. We began this fundraiser in an effort to get funds to friends and family in Dnipro ASAP. It goes directly from us to them within 24 hours of receiving the donations, allowing the money to be used immediately for purchasing supplies and helping refugees. If you would like to donate to a specific group in our “People” page, please feel free to reach out and specify that to me. Otherwise, I will distribute funds where they are most needed. We are all hopeful that all of this pain will soon come to an end but while this is continuing, we will continue our efforts to provide emergency relief.

Unlike large organizations, I can certify where the transfers go and what they are used on via the feedback I receive, described in the “Updates” tab. It has been incredible to see how much good came from this localized effort. As far as transfer mechanics go, I have been using and Wise to transfer funds directly to cards. Both are secure (PCI DSS certified), have low fees, and all transfers are sent in real time. If you would like to transfer funds directly to them, please contact me directly for their information. I do not have their information listed below to diminish the chance of card fraud in case the website is widely shared.

Below you will find links to my Venmo, as well as a fundraiser I set up through PayPal. Additionally, you are welcome to Zelle me (631-220-7109). Thank you again for the support and I wish you a peaceful day 💙💛

Other Suggested Charities

Nova Ukraine *

Razom for Ukraine

Other Independent Fundraisers

Below are links to other small scale independent fundraisers. They are linked here because we know either the organizer themselves or others involved with them.

@dks7_oficial : A fundraiser aimed at financially supporting territorial defense brigades from the Uman area, and providing humanitarian aid to civilians impacted by the war.

@purdueukrainians : The Ukrainian Student Association has been devastated about the recent attacks on Ukraine. We all came together to support our country through hosting a donation drive, trying in our best efforts to aid displaced students, marching and protesting for the lives of Ukrainians, donating, hosting a collegiate solidarity vigil, and trying to spread information and ways to act for the Purdue and West Lafayette communities.

* We would like to thank Nova Ukraine for reaching out to us through Scholars for Ukraine and helping us gather funds. Without them, we would not have been able to continue operating since donations have largely stopped. They have been an amazing organization making real, local impact in Ukraine and we would urge everyone to check out their social media and website for more information about their operations.


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