Thank you for your interest in supporting our friends and family in their efforts in Ukraine! Please make your way to the tabs in the upper menu for more information. You will find information about who I am transferring donations to in the "People" tab and you will find pictures and receipts of purchases in the “Updates” tab. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Below, you will find some more information about who I am and why my boyfriend and I started this fundraiser. For those who cannot tolerate blood, the updates I post largely avoid any gruesome photos and seek to demonstrate the good that is accomplished and should be fairly safe for viewing.

Photos by @anna_foxik_letka

My name is Kateryna Slinchenkova. I grew up in Dnipro, Ukraine before moving to America in 2008, leaving the majority of my family back in Ukraine. After moving to America, I met my boyfriend, Andrew Smolensky, who’s family is also from Dnipro. Although we both used to visit often, now we will not be able to return due to the current attacks. When the war began, we did not know what to do but my grandpa, an anesthesiologist in an ICU in Dnipro, mentioned how they were very low on supplies and funds. So, this fundraiser began to help the Dnipro 6th City Hospital to aid my grandpa’s department. I began to post updates and run the financials while Andrew kept the website going and helped me fundraise. Along the way, I noticed a family friend and my personal friend spending all of their savings to help refugees and expanded our donations to also help them provide as much aid as possible. We support the community the only way we can from so far away: financially. Even if you cannot donate, please share this website or my contact information with friends and family who may be able to help. Thank you to everyone standing with Ukraine during this terrifying time! We are very grateful to all the donors and friends without whom we would be helpless. We would also like to thank Scholars for Ukraine, a student lead organization, that has helped us fundraise when personal efforts were not enough.

Note: The website is written from Kate’s perspective.

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